Grandpeople is a Norwegian multi-disciplinary design studio offering creative solutions to clients from every part of the world, including Nike USA, Nike europe, Converse, Microsoft, Grafik Magazine, Tokion, Non-Format, Sony BMG, Escalator records and many more. Our work has been featured in several exhibitions and in over 100 books and magazines, including: Grafik Magazine, Creative Review, IdN, Computer Arts, I.D Magazine, Print Magazine, Varoom Magazine, ID Pure, Etapes, Tokion and NY Arts Magazine. Our award-winning portfolio has evolved to include everything from record covers and illustrations to full scale visual identities, art direction, typefaces, photography, fashion, art projects and more.


Grandpeople AS
Møllendalsveien 17
NO-5009 Bergen

Company number
995 198 215 MVA

+47 45 26 02 27





Magnus Helgesen
Designer, studio manager
+47 45 26 02 27

Gaute Tenold Aase
+47 98 61 56 33

Christian Strand Bergheim
+47 92 60 92 79

Jørgen Eidem
+47 92 60 04 28
Student internships

As of the moment, all our internship positions are filled. If we get any openings, we´ll post it on the site.

Awards and nominations

Visuelt 2011 Gold
Typography, Engine for Carl's Cars

Visuelt 2011 Silver
Annual report, Idrettsårbok 2009

Visuelt 2011 Nomination
Illustration, editorial, ENO #1

Visuelt 2011 Nomination
Visual identity small, Lars Vaular, Helt om Natten, Helt om Dagen

Visuelt 2011 Nomination
Cultural packaging, The Alexandria Quartet

Den Gyldne Hane 2011 Gold
Visual identity, Lars Vaular

Den Gyldne Hane 2011 Gold

Den Gyldne Hane 2011 Gold
Illustration, The Alexandria Quartet

Den Gyldne Hane 2011 Nomination
The New Wine

Den Gyldne Hane 2011 Nomination
SVA Magazine

Visuelt 2010 Silver
Visual identity, Bergen Biennial Conference

Visuelt Nomination 2010
Commercial illustration, Galleriet

Visuelt Nomination 2010
Typography, Nike Summerhoops

Den Gyldne Hane 2010 Gold
Illustration, Galleriet

Visuelt 2008 Nomination
Graphic design, Nike Summer Hoops

Visuelt 2008 Nomination
Illustration, Vagant

Visuelt 2007 Gold
Graphic design, Helsinki Biennale

Visuelt 2007 Diploma
Graphic design, typography, OAF

Visuelt 2007 Diploma
Illustration, Stol og Ekstase

Visuelt 2007 Diploma
Graphic design, Musikk vs. Design

Bergensprisen 2007
Visual communication of the year, Kaleidofon

Norsk Form/DogA 2006
Pris til unge formgivere

Visuelt 2006 Silver
Cultural packaging design, Brakhage

Visuelt 2006 Diploma
Illustration, Vagant

Visuelt 2006 Diploma
Graphic design, Ekkofestivalen

Visuelt 2006 Nomination
Illustration, Printlove

Bergensprisen 2006 Nomination
Visual communication of the year,
Grafik Magazine




Making Great Illustration, 2011
A&C Black, London

Head North - The True Taste of Nordic Design, 2011
Sandu Publishing, Guangzhou

Relogo - Re-designing the Brand, 2011
Sandu Publishing, Guangzhou

Spot Cells, 2011
SenPoints Books, Guangzhou

Page Unlimited - Innovations in Layout Design, 2011
Sandu Publishing, Guangzhou

Selected B, 2011
Index Books, Barcelona

International Design Yearbook, 2010
Index Books, Barcelona

How to use images, 2009
Laurence King Publishing, London

Ink Me, 2009
Maomao, Barcelona

TEES, 2009
Laurence King, London 

Bastardised - 289 Selected Bunchisms, 2008
Bunch, London

Ornamental Type, 2008
Thames & Hudson, London

Atlas of Graphic Design, 2008
Maomao, Barcelona

Plenty of design, 2008

Musikraphics, 2008
Victionary, Hong Kong

Stereographics, 2008
Victionary, Hong Kong

Best of Disc-Art, 2008
Rotovision, England

What is illustration, 2008
Rotovison, London

Visual Communication, 2008
Laurence King, London

Los Logos 4, 2008
Die gestalten Verlag, Berlin

3D in 2D, 2008
Victionary, Hong Kong

Typographie Guide Pratique, 2007
Pyramid, France

Invitation and Promotinal Design, 2007
MaoMao, Barcelona 

Tactile, 2007
Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin

TYPO, 2007
Monsa, Barcelona

Color&Graphics, 2007
Mao Mao/Page One, Barcelona

Fashionize 2, 2007
Delicatessen/Ginko Press, Italia

If you could, 2007
Alex Bec m.fl , England

Supersonic, 2007
Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin

Grafik 150th Anniversary, 2007
Caroline Roberts, Grafik Magazine, London

Pocketsized, 2007
William Edmunds, Nous Vous, England   

Type Addicted, 2007
Victionary, Hong Kong

Ink me, 2007
MaoMao Publications, Barcelona

1000 Music Graphics, 2007
Rockport, Gloucester, USA

1000 Supreme CD Designs, 2007
MaoMao/Pageone Group, Barcelona, Spania

Cover Art by, 2007
Laurence King Publishing, London

Northbound, 2007

Someone’s Garden, Tokyo

Logology, 2007
Victionary, Hong Kong

Non-Format, 2007
Die Gestalten Verlag, Germany 

LOGO, 2007
Laurence King Publishing, England

Innovative CD/DVD/Vinyl design, 2007
Charlotte Rivers, England  

New Typography Design, 2007
Roger Fawcett-Tang, Laurence King Publishing, London  

100@360, 2007
Laurence King Publishing, London  

This is know, 2006
Fabrik, Gøteborg  

Special Printing, 2006
Victionary, Hong Kong

Poster Design, 2006
Rotovision, England

Two Faced, 2006
Systems Design Limited, Hong Kong

Tres Logos, 2006
Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin

Nice to meet you, 2006
Victionary, Hong Kong

Zoom in Zoom out, 2006
Victionary, Hong Kong

Introducing, 2005
Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin

Nordic Youngblood, 2004
Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin

Shift Calendar, 2004
Shift, Tokyo


The Image Makers issue, Japan 2011

Design Bureau Magazine
USA 2011

Vol.4, USA 2009

Eye Magazine
UK 2009

UK 2009

I.D. Magazine
USA 2008

Japan 2008

Kreativt Forum
Issue 4, Norway 2008

Studio Voice
Japan 2008

Pasajes Diseño
Issue 5, Spain 2008

Vapors Magazine
USA 2008

Grafik Magazine
Issue 161, UK 2008

Issue 20, Norway 2008

EDC, Sweden 2008  

Grafik Magazine
Issue 162, UK 2008

Design Culture Place
The Art of European Design

June issue, USA 2008

Grafik Magazine
Issue 160, UK 2008

NY Arts Magazine,
Nov-Dec, USA 2007

Issue 10, Germany 2007

Nettverk, Bergens Tidende

Beautiful Decay
Issue «U», USA 2007

Kreativt Forum
Issue 7, Norway 2007

Kreativt Forum
Issue 5, Norway 2007

Computer Arts
Issue 141, UK 2007

Bergens Tidende
Norway August 30th 2007

Issue 3, Norway 2007

Someone’s Garden
Issue 2, Japan 2007

Print, European Design Annual
USA May/June 2007

Creative Review
UK, June 2007

Computer Arts
Issue 136, UK 2007

Computer Arts
Issue 134, UK 2007

Issue 2, Norway 2007

Issue 146, France 2007

Duke Magazine
UK 2007

Better Late
Australia 2007

Someone's Garden
Issue 0, Japan 2007

Computer Arts
UK 2007

IdN, Font Promotional Issue
Volume 13, Issue 6, Hong Kong 2007

Natt og Dag
Norway 2007

Aftenposten, Kultur
Norway November 23 2006

Issue 2, UK 2006

Grafik Magazine
Issue 145, UK 2006

Kreativt Forum
Norway 2006

Issue 5, Norway 2006

Grafik Magazine
Issue 143, UK 2006

Issue 3, Norway 2006

Issue 2, UK 2006

Plan B
Norway 2006

Bergens Tidende
Søndagsmagasinet, Norway May 21 2006

Issue 52, Japan 2006

Issue 1, Norway 2006

Kreativt Forum
Issue 2, Norway 2006

Volume 6, Malaysia 2006

Vol.4, Switzerland 2006

Print Magazine
European Design Annual, USA 2006

Dubai 2006

Grafik Magazine
Issue 137, UK 2006

Bylarm avis
Norway, January 2006

Issue 2-3, Sweden  2005

Issue 5-6, Norway 2005

Natt & Dag
Norway November 2005

Bergens Tidende
Norway November 2 2005

Readymade Magazine
Issue 1, Hong Kong October 2005

Grafik Magazine
Issue 133, UK October 2005

Grafik Magazine
Issue 129, UK June 2005

Issue 4, Norway 2005

Kreativt Forum
Issue 6, Norway 2003


Nordic T-shirt Exhibition
Días Nórdicos, Madrid
Sep 30th — Oct 19th, 2011

Uncanny Surrealism and Graphic Design
The Brno Biennial, Oslo
June 23rd — Oct 24th, 2010

Design exhibition, Bergen
Aug 30th — Sep 5th, 2010

DogA, Oslo
May 8—6, 2010

Young talents
Norwegian Design Council
DogA, Oslo
Mar 19—Apr 18, 2010

Powered by Nature
DogA, Oslo

Soft metal Model
Separatutstilling, Vallery, Barcelona
Mar 26–May 23, 2009

Tradition – Scandinavian Illustration
Globe Gallery, Newcastle, England
Oct 10—26, 2008

Now Showing
Vallery, Barcelona

Now Showing
  COSH Gallery, SoHo, London
May 29—June 13, 2008

Malibu, USA

Galleri Grafill, Oslo
Sep 26—May 23, 2008

Norwegian Graphic Design Powered by Nature

DMY, Berlin International Design Festival
May 11—June 14, 2008

Inkthis / Dreams and Nightmares 
LCB Depot, Leicester, March 2007
The Coningsby Gallery, London, May 2007
Grand Central Cinema, Hong Kong, September 2007

We see this world in black and white
Human Empire Shop, Hamburg
Dec 6—9, 2007

Galleri Grafill, Oslo
May 12—Jun 3, 2007

 If you could
Exposure, London
Jul 5—27, 2007

Posters Nå!
Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm

Cosh Gallery, London
Mar 15—22, 2007

Agnes b Libraire Gallery, Hong Kong
Jan 27—Apr 28, 2007

Norsk forms pris for unge formgivere
DogA, Oslo

Grafill galleri, Oslo
May 13—Jun 4, 2006

Hype, buzz & the truth
Coningsby Gallery, London
May 11—12, 2006

Colourful dreams
Apm, Millennium City 5, Hong Kong
Nov 30, 2005—Jan 6 2006


Design JAM, presentation
May 2010, Design Region Bergen

Music meets design, debate
Apr 2010, Bergen Rock Aktører

Pecha-Kucha, presentation
Sep 2010, Plan B Studios, Bergen

OK – Det Bobler, presentation
Mar 2009, Kulturnæringens dag, Drammen

Grandpeople, presentation
Sep 2008, Grafill Sørlandet, Kristiansand

Beast Per Music, presentation
May 2008, Stockholm Design Conference

Uten Tittel, presentation and debate
With NODE Berlin, May 2008, Grafill, Oslo

Design, innovasjon og tverrfaglighet, debate
Mar 2008, Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Design in context, lecture
With Adrian Shaughnessy, Apr 2007
Bergen National Academy of the Arts

Design vs. Music, debate
Oct 2006, Insomnia festival, Tromsø

Kul tegning, ikke-teoretisk, naivt og alvorlig
Sep 2006, Bergen Art Museum

Grandpeople preferences, presentation
Feb 2007, Grafill, Stavanger

Grandpeople preferences, presentation
Feb 2005, Grafill, Stavanger


Expressive typography
Lecture, Norwegian School of Creative Studies, Bergen
Feb 23, 2009

Expressive typography
Course, Bergen National Academy of the Arts
Feb 13 — 23, 2009

Experimental typography
Course, Bergen National Academy of the Arts
Feb 12 — 30, 2008

Editorial design
Presentation and course
Norwegian School of Creative Studies, Bergen
Mar 2006

Workshops for elementary school students
Bergen Art Museum

Online interviews

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