Carl's Cars and Eno hit the shelves

Added august 10, 2010

Two freshly printed magazines featuring our designs are now available in stores!

First out is the 27th issue of the highly acclaimed «Carls' Cars». With the tagline «a magazine about people», it blends car culture with music, fashion, film and design. In Carls' own words, the magazine is about «people's creativity, all the strange things people say, the random stuff they do, and the cars they drive».

The editors approached us to develop a unique editorial design for this issue. We had ambitious plans, with dubious pop-cultural references to criminal conspiracies in car movies like «The Italian Job» and «The Getaway», but through an organic, cooperative process with the editors, parts of the original plan had to be abandoned. Still, we created both a completely new grid and a bespoke title font. The font is the result of a study in abstraction of technical drawings, blueprints and cross sections of car engines, and got the name Engine™.

«Eno» is a brand new Norwegian music magazine, its name a homage to Brian Eno. For this first-ever issue, we created a cover illustration rich in detail and color to reflect the mission statement of the editors: «To explore and write about all the wonderful, distressing music that's out there, the feelings it creates, and everything in the world that's woven into the music».