Nominated for Honours Award For Design Excellence

Added march 20, 2012

Grandpeople and Norwegian Rain have been nominated for the Honours Award For Design Excellence by the Norwegian Design Council.

In the last few years, Norwegian Rain has been awarded with «Talented Newcomer 2010» by Vogue Italy and Milan Fair WHITE, and presented as «Vogue Talents». In 2012 the brand has been named Designer Of The Year in Norway with the «Nåløyet» award.

Grandpeople have been involved in the brand developed from the start, creating the complete visual identity and being responsible for all sales and marketing material. The Award for Design Excellence is a leading award for design and is given to both manufacturers and designers who have cooperated on the development of products, in recognition of the successful use of design as a strategic tool in product development and market communication.

The winners of the Award for Design Excellence and The Honours Award for Design Excellence will be announced on the 18th of April.