Norwegian Rain

Visual identity for rainwear brand

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Living in Bergen, on the western coast of Norway, means a life in rain. You can hate it or love it, but no matter how you approach it, one thing is certain: It will rain tomorrow. And the day after. Making something good out of this rainy situation, Bergen-born founder and creative director Alexander Helle formed Norwegian Rain.

The Norwegian Rain collection is a subtle composition of traditional men’s tailoring and the technology found in heavy-duty rain protection. While keeping you dry and warm, the garments are also elegantly shaped eco-friendly fabrics with fine men's tailoring details sewn in. Norwegian Rain is one of those brands who's got what it takes to become really successful, and maybe help the style-minded urban man to finally get rid of his umbrellas.

The Norwegian Rain brand is developed collaboratory between founder Alexander Helle, bespoke tailor and co-designer T. Michael, and Grandpeople. Our involvement in the visual aspects of the brand will continue as Norwegian Rain evolves.

Norwegian Rain


Fashion photos:
Bent René Synnevåg & Grandpeople