Biennial Conference

Visual identity for the international biennial conference in Bergen

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The City of Bergen wanted to start up a biennial for visual arts, and asked Bergen Kunsthall to host the international art symposium «Bergen Biennial Conference». The biennial format is presently being discussed and evaluated internationally, and it would be productive to participate in these ongoing discussions, to use them as a point of departure for the founding of a biennial in Bergen.

Our task was to create a complete visual identity for the conference. The main audience was international artists, curators and academics within the field of visual arts, as well as other visitors with an interest for the contemporary art scene. The identity is based around questions and uncertainty. Should there, or should there not be a biennial in Bergen? Nobody knows excactly where the biennial as a phenomenon is heading, and this is illustrated through the slogan «To biennial or not to biennial», and illustrations based on lines and shapes going in every possible direction.

The project was awarded silver in Identity Design during Visuelt 2010, and was exhibited at «Young Talent 2010», curated by the Norwegian Design Council.

Bergen Kunsthall