Lars Vaular album

Album cover for hip-hop artist Lars Vaular

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Probably the most rejuvenating artist on the Norwegian rap/hip hop scene, Lars Vaular was searching for a different look on his latest album «Hero by Night, Hero by Day». He came to our studio with a bunch of photographs and wondered if we could use any of them for the cover. He wasn't really decisive on what kind of visual concept he wanted for the album, so we had a close look at the selection of photos from Andrew Amorin and Francisco Munoz to see if there was something to build on. It didn't take us long to discover a connection between the contrast in the title and the contrasts in the photographic expression. In Norwegian we have an old superstitious expression called "månesyke", directly translated to "moon sickness", a belief that changes in the moon could cause insanity. This transformation from good to evil became the main theme for the cover. Only difference is that in this modern Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde story the representation of daytime is more suggestive of a giant hangover from the escapades of the night before.

Lars Vaular


Andrew Amorim
Francisco Munoz