Notebook for Parisian printers Imprimerie Du Marais

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Parisian printers Imprimerie Du Marais invited 8 design studios do a notebook meant to showcase some of their printing techniques.

Our contribution is inspired by mountains, sediment, rocks and stones.

It´s natural to think of stone as being hard and cold, sharp and edgy, which it of course is, but it´s also full of soft and liquid shapes and lines. It can sometimes look like "frozen motion" – a snapshot. Something so static and "dead" is testament to something dramatic, full of motion, conflict and temperature. A fascinating contrast. We wanted to capture a bit of both opposites in the artwork. It turned out sort of like an imagined evolutionary stage for rock, in which it possesses all of these qualities at the same time. Warm stone, liquid, static, hovering, heavy, pointy and soft. 

The colour scheme is  bit "skewed", like it is something that has aged, or changed, not too clean and crisp, but at bit weathered and analogue.


Imprimerie Du Marais