The Biennial Reader

Anthology on large-scale perennial exhibitions of contemporary art. 512 pages of book design and editorial design

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This anthology on the global biennial phenomenon includes seminal republished texts collected from around the world as well as newly commissioned contributions from the leading scholars, curators, critics, and thinkers of biennials today. Poised to be a vital resource for scholars, students, curators, artists, and critics alike, The Biennial Reader reflects on the past, the promise, and the future of the biennial, and, in the process, on its impact on contemporary art, curating, and art institutions writ large.
Dealing with 512 pages of contemporary art theory we had to create a grid with high legibility that would still be flexible enough to allow a certain variation between the spreads. With articles such as these it's easy to alienate the reader, so we focused on rhythm, variation, progression and carefully selected materials.

Bergen Kunsthall and Hatje Cantz