Ekko 09

Visual profile for electronic music and art festival, created with transparent thermoplastic and photography.

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The visual concept for Ekko 2009 is based on the idea of echo as reflections of sound. We wanted to use reflections in a dark setting in order to create a feeling of live music and lights used in stage performances. When designing the logo, we concentrated on shapes that somehow would translate into 3-dimensional objects. We then cut the logo from plexi glass, and reused the pieces in separate photographic compositions for decorative purposes. With a very basic set of shapes as our toolbox, we could now create two highly different graphic expressions, one photographic, complex and rich in detail, and the other super-simplified  and vector-based. The simplified visuals became the basis of a simple system for creating posters and ads, and in addition the festival got a selection of high quality photographic images to be used for decoration and backgrounds.

Ekko festival