Datarock EP

Cover design for Datarock single

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As Datarock celebrated 10 years of existence, they decided to sum up their career by putting every song they ever made into one huge collection. This collection was to be released as a USB-stick embedded in a laser cut plastic diamond, the USB representing «data» and the diamond representing «rock».

We were asked to design the concept for packaging and merchandise for the release, and decided to create a logo based on the greek letter Delta. The symbol works both as a D for Datarock and as an interesting shape for a diamond. To go with the symbol we came up with a concept that could be seen as a reference to both ancient greek mythology as well as american college fraternities.

The band loved the artwork, but fearing it would be too abstract for their anniversary collection, they decided to use it as a cover and booklet for their latest single «Catcher In The Rye».