Perfect Sounds Forever

Concept, artwork and design for concert series Perfect Sounds Forever

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Perfect Sounds Forever is a pretty bold name for a concert series. We started thinking, "what makes perfect sounds?". Such a thing is to subjective to define, but it reminded us of a old Donald Duck story where he and his nephews find an old native american totem with a special function. When a person sorts a set of balls in his/her individual order, the totem perfect music for that person. Inspired by this story we started designing our own totem/instrument. In the end it didn´t actually play perfect sounds, but with the shiny wood, porcelain and hand-turned metal, it certainly looks like it could.

To add to the product feel of our instrument, we photographed it in a classic 70s/80s advertising light and did the editorial design to resemble manuals for instruments and other electrical devices.

Perfect Sounds Forever


Production assistance:
Lars Andreas Fjetland at Beller

Porcelain elements by:
Ingrid Skarprud