Red by Datarock

Vinyl and CD cover design for Norwegian electro-rock band and phenomenon Datarock

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They may be DIY punk rockers by nature, but as the founding members of Datarock decided to ditch their thrash guitars in favor of the Casio MT-64 and a Roland Groovebox, put on matching red track suits and vintage Porsche wraparound sunglasses, they had a formula that was bound to develop a life of its own. Since that, their visuals has changed from being all about handmade drawings, into to a clean red, photographic expression.

The band requested to use the visual languages of fashion and luxury goods, in combination with their easily recognizable silhouette and energetic live band footage. To emphasize the luxury feel, both the cover, inlay, booklet and band footage was highlighted with gloss varnish. As further play within the concept, the album is presented more like a brand than a band, «Red by Datarock».


Antoine Bouillot, Fredrik Saroea